Sharing properties between content types, and action methods between controllers

It is a good idea to provide derived types from the Episerver content types PageData, BlockData and MediaData to share common properties among all the pages on the site. We should also consider to use that also on the controllers. Considering the class diagram: We can start to implement the Base[Classes] and Standard and StartContinue reading “Sharing properties between content types, and action methods between controllers”

Update an existing page property

Using methods from IContentLoader or IContentRepository to get existing data, it will be returned as read-only version. If you try to update and save it, you will get a ReadOnly exception, although the model has the public set available Since the API assume that most of the time are read operations, than it shares theContinue reading “Update an existing page property”

Add Episerver site from scratch

Settings: Visual studio 2019 Version 16.1.3 Episerver CMS Visual Studio Extension Installed Episerver NuGets package source configure to Open Visual Studio and create a new Episerver project. Select Empty Project After press OK, you will have a new solution with a web project on it. The connection string to a database is setContinue reading “Add Episerver site from scratch”